Wednesday, September 30, 2009

little tokyo shops

Little Tokyo Shops is my new little zine that showcases small independent Tokyo stores that support both local artisans and designers. You can purchase a PDF copy of Little Tokyo Shops from my etsy store.

Stay tuned for more Little Shops zines with destinations from around Australia. A handy homemade travel companion!


  1. congratulations on this project. it looks fantastic! now I just have to plan (and save) for a trip to tokyo! : )

  2. Great work Ang. Really like your site. Going to have to hire your services for sure... Frank A

  3. Hello! I really like your blog. I write about Visual Merchandising on a Polish blog and as soon as I discovered you I wrote about you as well. good luck to you!

  4. hello! so i know i might be a little late to cotton on but i was just wondering if your Little Tokyo Shops zine is still available. The link to your etsy store seems a bit bung.

    Thank you, and lovely blog!

    Ligaya x

  5. Hi Angela,

    Great blog...especially love the idea of coming up with the zine for the little shops. Btw may i know how to get one? Your etsy store seems down at the moment. Thanks!